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Fine Lady Bakeries: HPC KAESER Blowers

HPC Blowers at Fine Lady Bakeries

HPC KAESER Blowers Rise to the Conveying Challenge at Fine Lady Bakeries

Fine Lady Bakeries, part of the Heygate Group, is a long established manufacturer of bread products supplied to many of the UK’s major multiple retailers and enjoys a strong reputation for delivering great products with excellent service. Production is centred upon their ten acre site in Banbury, Oxfordshire and a purpose-built bakery opened in 2010 at Newton Heath in Manchester which provides additional capacity for customers in the north of the UK.

Fine Lady Bakeries specialise in supplying own label bakery products to leading supermarkets, wholesalers, as well as supplying bread to the sandwich making industry. Blowers are an essential component within the baking process, used to pneumatically convey large volumes of flours and powders to various points for the initial mixing process. Braby Ltd, a leading aluminium silo manufacturer, in conjunction with blower specialists HPC KAESER, were the preferred choice to design and install the silos and conveying systems for phase 1 of the Fine Lady Bakery in Manchester. The result is a successful, easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient installation with the added benefit of ultra-quiet operation.

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The Challenge

Flours and powders are key ingredients for all Fine Lady products. Depending on batch requirements, conveying lines need to transport up to 8 tonnes per hour, per conveying line and it’s important these ingredients are conveyed to the initial mixing process in the most reliable and energy-efficient way. In addition to the main conveying lines, blowers are also used for other stages of the process. For example, tanker unloading into storage silos and other minor ingredients distribution which were also part of the project requirement for the impressive new production facility in Manchester.

The Solution

Through their collaboration on other projects over several years, Braby Ltd were confident in the ability of HPC KAESER to provide the best solution with high quality, reliable and energy-efficient blowers for the new Manchester bakery.  As a result, for Phase 1, HPC KAESER’s supplied a total of 5 rotary blowers, comprising of 4 off DB 236 / 30 kW machines, for flour transfer to process and 1 off DB 166C / 30 kW machine for the tanker unloading station. Phase 2 was completed three years later, effectively doubling capacity, and consisted of 4 off DB166C / 30 kW for transfer duties, 1 off DB166C / 30kW for a second tanker discharge station, and a BB 89C / 11 kW for minor ingredients transfer. 

The Benefits

Since the blowers were installed, Fine Lady Bakeries have been delighted with the performance of the blower packages supplied by HPC KAESER. Fine Lady Bakeries Engineering Manager, Clive Cope comments, “We were confident that the blowers would provide the reliability for our conveying requirements and we are not disappointed. They  provide trouble-free operation, are easy to maintain and operate at very low noise levels”.  Clive added, “Energy efficiency is increasingly important to us and we appreciate that the HPC KAESER blowers meet our energy saving requirements”. The success of the blower packages at the challenging application at Fine Lady Bakeries is a good example of HPC KAESER’s ability to provide the best blowers for demanding manufacturing applications where reliable, trouble-free operation and easy maintenance of conveying systems is of paramount importance.

The DB and BB rotary blowers installed at Fine Lady’s Manchester Bakery are part of a range of rotary blower packages available from HPC KAESER delivering air from 0.5 to 74m³/min, at pressures up to 1000 mbarg  and vacua to -500 mbarg. These high precision engineered rotary blowers feature inherently rigid internal components and two piece casings with integrated head plates which allows absolutely minimal internal clearances and exceptionally high volumetric efficiencies resulting in significant energy savings.  

Furthermore, recent developments now allow HPC KAESER to offer fully integrated packages with the choice of star-delta starting or frequency controlled variable airflows, coupled to a SIGMA 2 (SC2) controller providing users with the benefit of remote control and fully recorded operational data. With this design, operators benefit from significant energy and operational cost savings on installation, planning, commissioning and certification costs. Moreover, the compact, space-saving design allows installations to be designed with exceptionally small footprints.  

Also, as all units in the Compact range have been designed to allow all servicing to be carried out from the front of the unit, it is possible to install several blower sets side-by-side. This can save valuable floor space in crowded plant rooms or shop floor areas and provides ease of installation.  

Components such as control valves, check valves and start-up unloading valves which would normally be installed externally, are also incorporated into the units, so planning, installation and documentation of centralised blower stations is therefore made even simpler.