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CALOSEC: The new series of heat regenerated adsorption dryers. Versatility, quality, efficiency


HPC KAESER's new series of CALOSEC heat regenerated adsorption dryers offer the optimum solution for a wide range of requirements in terms of energy demand, ambient climate and pressure dew point.

Depending on the drying process needed, CALOSEC is available in three versions: CSP (Blower Purge), CSA (Zero Purge) and CSL (Closed Loop).

  • The CSP range allows pressure dew points to be reached as low as -40°C , regardless of environmental conditions;
  • The premium CSA range achieves this without the need to process compressed air to cool the columns;
  • The CSL water-cooled version also does not require the use of compressed air for the cooling process: equipped with an internal cooling circuit, it can achieve pressure dew points as low as -70°C , largely independent of conditions of ambient temperature.

Numerous options and accessories are also available. And for even more specific needs, HPC KAESER also has customized optimal solutions. 


The advantages of CALOSEC

  • High-quality design: The CSP, CSA and CLS series feature a high-quality basic design with a separate electrical and pneumatic control cabinet, corrosion-protected pneumatic lines and cables in galvanized steel piping and cable ducts. The valves at the compressed air inlet are already equipped with end position  monitoring. The compressed air inlet temperature is also monitored as standard. High-temperature galvanized piping offers the best durability. Separable individual valves ensure low pressure loss as well as minimal maintenance requirements. In combination with generous process dimensioning, pressure dew point and temperature peaks in parallel operation are kept to a minimum.
  • High-quality pressure dew point sensorCALOSEC dryers are equipped with a high-quality pressure dew point sensor as standard. The CALOSEC CONTROL uses it to monitor the pressure dew point of the dried compressed air. It only terminates a drying cycle when the capacity of the desiccant of a vessel is used up or the configurable switchover value is reached. The demand-based control saves energy and ensures material-friendly operation. The sensor's measured values can be displayed graphically and are available via the Ethernet interface.
  • Extra-long cycle times:  Thanks to the generous dimensioning of CALOSEC dryers, their fixed cycle extends over a full 12 hours. Compared to dryers with shorter cycles, this minimizes the compressed air demand for pressure build-up and the energy demand for heating up the vessels. This significantly reduces energy costs.
  • The "parallel mode" function: The new "parallel mode " function makes the two columns operate in parallel before the complete exchange. Thanks to this choice, the temperature and dew point peaks typical of this type of dryer are reduced , with the consequent advantage of not requiring heat exchangers at the outlet of the dryer to reduce the excessive temperatures that usually occur and at the same time preserve all the downstream equipment and instrumentation, which also does not need to be set up for high temperatures.
  • Interactivity and connectivity: The CALOSEC control system with 7" touch display with colour graphic interface offers complete system monitoringAll the values ​​measured by the sensors on the machine are available on the display in real time and can also be viewed remotely. Thanks to the integrated Modbus TCP as standard, CALOSEC allows a connection to every customer's higher-level control system, as well as connection to the KAESER SAM 4.0 control unit.
  • Up to 15% efficiency savings on regeneration costs. the premium series CSA and CSL use the high-performance desiccant Silicagel Eco. Compared with aluminium oxide, it requires a significantly lower regeneration temperature, which reduces the energy demand by more than 15%.


Choose HPC KAESER for your compressed air needs

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are experienced and qualified to design, install, and tailor the compressed air system to meet your individual requirements while maximising efficiency. Peace of mind is also provided that all work will be in accordance with HPC guidelines and current legislation.

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