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Large Rotary Blowers Packages up to 250 kW

HB Series Large Rotary Blower Package Installation

True powerhouses with low maintenance requirement with HPC's large rotary blower packages

With their uniform design concept, HPC KAESER large blower units can be individually configured and expanded to meet your needs. They are easy to maintain and operate, and are also available upon request for outdoor installation.

  • High-performance, energy-saving and low-maintenance blower packages with three-lobe blower blocks (models HB 1300 PI and 1600 PI)
  • Also available for nitrogen conveying applications (N versions)
  • Unloaded Start - The optional unloaded start valve (USV) is located under the sound enclosure
  • Start Control (STC) option - installed in the control cabinet, STC features: a star-delta starter (with remote operation capability), a sound enclosure fan control, an operating hours counter and HPC KAESER CONTROL
  • OFC-type frequency control - OMEGA Frequency Control (OFC) enables infinite blower speed adjustment and, with the addition of a pressure sensor, also enables pressure regulation. The control unit coordinates operation of the frequency controller and the blower unit. Flexibility is further enhanced by the supplied signal output / input and Profibus connections


  • Also for medium voltage:
    Mains voltage for drive motor up to 6,600 V
  • Ease of configuration and maintenance:
    If required, the units can be configured for variable speed operation. In case more power is needed or for scheduled maintenance work, the motor, transmission or block can be changed on-site with ease
  • Low energy costs:
    The excellent air flow design and the separate sound enclosure fan motor ensure optimal cooling even at full power. The automatic belt tensioning device prevents transmission losses and therefore ensures maximum efficiency at all times.