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Single Block Rotary Blowers

OMEGA Rotary Blower Block Cut-away

Tough & ready for anything with HPC's single block rotary blowers

HPC KAESER single-block blowers provide maximum flexibility. The OMEGA series blowers with their three-lobe rotors minimise pulsation and include a wide range of rotary blowers for installation in OEM system solutions in both stationary and mobile applications. They are manufactured in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled CNC production facilities and are rigorously tested at full load.

  • Highly versatile rotary blowers - in stationary and mobile versions, suitable for both vacuum and pressure operation – for air and nitrogen conveying applications (OMEGA P and PN)
  • Intake volume of 5 to 160 m³/min at pressures up to 1000 mb (g), or -500 mb (g) (vacuum)
  • Blower with primary components made from chromium-nickel alloy for vacuum distillation / process water recycling (OMEGA B)
  • Vacuum blowers with pre-inlet cooling – suitable for alternating vacuum and pressure operation in tanker trucks and suction vehicles (OMEGA PV - up to -900 mb (g))
  • Rotary vacuum pumps for high vacuum applications (OMEGA WVC) in combination with a backing pump


  • Suitable for highly diverse applications – from vapour compression in vacuum distillation and applications in the high vacuum range to nitrogen conveying. Also suitable for mobile applications – for example animal feed mixing, tanker discharge, suction vehicles and airport runway cleaners
  • Long service life:
    Heavy-duty cylinder roller bearings completely absorb the continuously changing radial gas-forces that are exerted on the rotors. Bearings are sized for an L10 bearing life of 100,000 hours
  • High flow rate = High-efficiency:
    Thanks to precision manufacturing, HPC KAESER achieve minimal inter-rotor clearance which results in reduced slip losses. High rotational speeds and low slip values result in high volumetric efficiency