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Compressed Air Training

As we are all aware it is essential for companies using Compressed Air that they and their employees understand the specific Health and Safety requirements, its legalisation and its environmental impact.

HPC, as long standing Board Members of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), are delighted to provide our customers with an exclusive 25% discount on all BCAS CPD approved Online Compressed Air Training Products.

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Compressed air safety training:

Certificate in Working Safely with Compressed Air Click here 

1 hour online course that covers the hazards and risks when using compressed air, the use of Personal Protective Equipment, the Employer and Employee responsibilities to Health and Safety and the safe working practices to be followed.


Certificate in Understanding Pressure Systems Safety Regulations ( PSSR 2000 S.I.128 ) Click here

A blended learning workshop covering the requirements of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations and the written scheme of examination in relation to compressed air systems.



Compressed air technical training:


Certificate in Compressed Air Treatment Technology Click here 

1 hour online course that covers the source and types of compressed air contamination, the various different types of compressed air filtration technologies available and the contaminants they treat.


Certificate in Compressed Air Systems Technology Click here

4 hour online course that covers provides a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of compressed air systems including, consisting of 9 modules of; Introduction to Compressed Air, Health and Safety, Environment and Legislation, Compressed Air Systems’ Components, Air Compressors and Controls, Storage and Distribution, Compressed Air Treatment, Maintenance, Environment and Science and the Properties of Air.


Certificate in Understanding ISO 8573 – The Air Quality Standard  Click here

A blended learning workshop to guide you through each part of ISO 8573, the air quality standard.  In a typical compressed air  system  there are 10 main contaminants that require treatment if the system is to operate safely, efficiently and​cost effectively, this course provides a tutorial to help you understand  where these contaminants come from, how they can affect  compressed air systems and how they are best removed.



Diploma in Compressed Air Management – DipCAM Click Here

This qualification aims to provide a comprehensive technical grounding in the principles of the operation of compressed air systems. It has been developed and produced to meet the needs of people who have responsibility for a compressed air installation and wish to attain a level of technical knowledge. The course is 50 Hours of self-study and 10 self-test modules followed by a final exam.